Juice Jacking – Free mobile charging stations can steal your data

Are you a frequent traveler and have habit of charging your mobile phone via public mobile charging stations? This article is for you and read further…

Juice jacking is a way of stealing mobile data via public mobile charging units or stations that basically provides you an USB cable to charge your phone. Hackers can hijack such mobile stations (or even hide a tiny computer inside) and steal the data from the mobile phone that you plugged in actually just to charge your dying phone. Sometimes, they inject malwares into your phones to facilitate later exploitation.

These mobile charging stations are almost available in many public places – malls, airports and in conference rooms.

How to protect your data?

All you need to follow is just prevent USB charging cords in public places from transmitting data.

1. Carry your own power socket charger – the most safest and simplest option of all



2. Purchase and carry your mobile power bank. 

3. There are times when you can’t find a power socket, then in that case, buy and use juice jack defending devices (you can see a tiny device plugged into USB charging station as if a connector). These “juice jack defending devices will prevent transmitting data while you are charging your phone via USB.

Where to buy such juce-jack defenders – www.chargedefense.com sells such device for $15