Easy way to access blocked websites

You must be familiar with Google Cache.  If not, a two line description can explain it well.

Google takes snapshot of each page it scans and caches that version in their server. This cached website (Google Cache) is used by Google to decide if the website is relevant to your search query.

So if a website is blocked by your ISP due to some local law enforcement, you can still access these blocked websites using Google Cache option. Lets look at it.

In the country where I am currently living, piratesbay-torrents are blocked.

website blocked

Inorder to access such blocked websites, all you need to do is instead of directly browsing to thepiratebay.sx, choose ‘Cached’ option in the drop down menu in the Google Search.


Google Cache


So with the help of Google Cache, I am now able to view the contents of the Pirate Bay, though it is blocked by ISP.

Google Cache Website

Alternate method is using Google Cache tool. One most easy tool is – cache.nevkontakte.com. Actually they are providing you results from Google Cache only.

Enjoy accessing blocked websites!