H symbol on top of phone. What is it?

What is H symbol on top of Blackberry
What is H symbol on top of Blackberry

H denotes HSPA (High Speed Packet Access). It is one of 3G network type and not 4G. H provides upto 14Mbps download Speed.

3G provides transfer rate of atleast .2Mbps. However, many services advertised as 3G provide higher speed than the minimum technical requirements for a 3G service.

EDGE is 2G connection.

Do you have issue with Internet Access? Then look at the symbols.

4G,H+,H,3G,EDGE(2G) and GPRS = You have got Mobile Internet Connection!

4g, h+,h,3g,edge and gprs = You can only make call.You cannot access Internet.

petri.co.il spreads potentially unwanted programs

petri.co.il, one of the leading IT related knowledge base with thousands of Windows, Exchange and Virtualization related tips and tricks website, has been rated as  ‘potentially unwanted programs download website’ by McAfee SiteAdvisor.


McAfee SiteAdvisor is a free plug-in for browsers that provides website ratings for safe browsing and has been trusted by millions of Internet users. It is well explained in my article here.  Whenever you visit any website or do some search on search engine in an SiteAdvisor installed computer,, you will be alerted about unsafe websites like red balloon below. (While safe websites are shown as Green balloon with tick mark on it)

A detailed SiteAdvisor website report says that there are 2 unsafe downloads found on this website – msgpluslive-401.exe, which is identified as spreading Swizzor!hv.g trojan,Swizzor!hv.h trojan, MessengerPlus, Swizzor.gen.c trojan. 

Solution to Network Shield: blocked “DCOM Exploit”

If you are avast, you might have seen this message popping up in your computer every few minutes. Read more here to understand what it really means and how to stop this message from pop up.

Network Shield: blocked “DCOM Exploit”

DCOM – Distributed Component Object Model  – It’s a functionality (protocol) in Windows to support developers to code their software components to inter-operate directly over network. This might be essentially required for organizations/corporates and necessarily for home users.

It is a default running service in Windows Computer.

How to over come this annoying message?
You have steps to follow.

a. The first reply that any security or administrator guy would give you is “Patch your Windows up-to-date”. Update all the latest patches released by Microsoft related your Operating system. Once you updated your windows, you can really not to worry much about this attack, but remember you may still receive the pop-up window because this patch would not disable DCOM.

b. Download and run a small (29 kbyte) “DCOMbob.exe” utility. It will display the “DCOMbobulator?” information page to explain its operation, with two additional page tabs as shown in the screen shot above: “Am I Vulnerable?” to test the current state of your system’s DCOM facility and “DCOMbobulate Me!” to allow you to disable or re-enable DCOM as you choose.

(Optional) If you do not trust the above tool to test if your computer is vulnerable to DCOM threat, make use of this Microsoft tool to check your computer status – KB824146scan.exe tool.

Microsoft says the attacker can do this if your computer is vulnerable to DCOM threat.
An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could gain complete control over a remote computer. This would give the attacker the ability to take any action on the server that they want. For example, and attacker could change Web pages, reformat the hard disk, or add new users to the local administrators group.
To carry out such an attack, an attacker would require the ability to send a malformed message to the RPC service and thereby cause the target machine to fail in such a way that arbitrary code could be executed.

Microsoft Internet Explorer bug still exists in all versions

Microsoft Internet Explorer bug still exists, even in their latest version of Windows 7. Did you get panic! Be cool, this bug is not related to security but it is a silly and funny bug.

If you are a keyboard user and hates to use mouse like me, then you would have found it long back because this bug exists in all version of Windows, including Server Operating System.

1. Open your Internet Explorer.

2. Press Alt+F, this opens File menu.

3. Now press Win+D

4. Did you see something like this on your screen? The file menu is hanging on the your desktop without minimizing. That’s the funny part and this happens to all Windows folder too.

Please post your comments!

Is Websense Database corrupted?

When I got a chance to test the Websense Web Filter product in an environment, I found very strange issue with the database. I even cross verified  and confirmed it with their LIVE database (Using Site Lookup Tool). Then I immediately reported to their Websense Support and got a reply too. It was a great fun to share this here! Tongue

Before that What is Websene Web Filter?
Websense scans millions of websites per day and categorize them under  a common 90+ categories in their database. Some of the categories are
(categories are numbered only for our understanding)

  • Category 1: Games – Sites that provide information about or promote electronic games, video games, computer games, role-playing games, or online games. Includes sweepstakes and giveaways.
  • Category 2: Gambling – Sites that provide information about or promote gambling or support online gambling, involving a risk of losing money.
  • Category 3: Entertainment – Sites that provide information about or promote motion pictures, non-news radio and television, books, humor, and magazines.
  • MP3 and Audio Download Services – Sites that support downloading of MP3 or other sound files or that serve as directories of such sites.

Note: Read here to know about Complete List of Websense Web Filter Categories- URL Categories

Once we subscribe to websense, the database provides for the organization gateway-based protection from various Web threats via the categorization. Anyhow that is completely different story on how to use it for gateway. So like this, Websense has categorized millions of websites under this 90+ categories and stores in a database. Websense says “With more than 90 URL categories and over 36 million Web sites representing more than 50 languages, the Websense Master Database is the industry’s most accurate, current and comprehensive classification of URLs.”

But what I found was very funny. Their own website was categorized as NONE and the world largest search engine, Google, was stated as Network Errors; Miscellaneous

My Email to Websense Team:-

——————-Original Email—————————————
From: *******
Sent: 4/23/2009 4:30:46 AM
To: Websense DB Update
Subject: Websense shows wrong categories for their own website
Dear Websense,

******c*******doing testing on Security products and providing valuable feeback

**(hidden)**find a strange categorization behaviour from yesterday. Lot of sites are categorized as NONE. To my surprise, even “websense.com” is categorized as NONE. Howcome! LOL ! even your own website is categorized as NONE. Then I tried some random websites and found strange results…

corporate.icq.com.qa – categorized as NONE
google.co.in – Network Errors; Miscellaneous

Then I tried in Websense > Site Lookup and Suggestion Tool, but it was showing something else

Category Results: Help

Category Database Version
Miscellaneous Websense Enterprise 93287
Miscellaneous Websense Web Filter 3289

My Websense Category db details
Previous download:
Websense download at: 2009/04/22 07:08:40 +0300
Downloading from download.websense.com
Processing download file
Retrieved update to version: 83287
Download size: 11635987
Database version: 83287
Database date: 2009-04-21
License expires: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 21:00:00 UTC
License max users: 50
Licenses in use: 51
Library version: [BCSI rev A]

After this, i downloaded latest version but same problem

Download log:
Websense download at: 2009/04/23 13:35:23 +0300
Downloading from download.websense.com
Processing download file
Retrieved update to version: 83288
Download size:      16167379
Database version:   83288
Database date:      2009-04-22
License expires:    Tue, 30 Mar 2010 21:00:00 UTC
License max users:  50
Licenses in use:    51
Library version: [BCSI rev A]
I thought that I should bring this to your notice for immediate action.



Email Reply from Websense

Thank you for writing to Websense.

The sites you submitted have been reviewed.  They are appropriately classified and filtered accordingly:

http://corporate.icq.com.qa/ – Does not resolve to an IP at this time, therefor it is being filtered as Network Errors
http://google.co.in/ – Search Engines and Portals

This has been verified using the latest database publication which will be available for download shortly.

To ensure proper filtering of these sites and others, please make sure that your Websense product is configured to download database updates regularly.

If you continue to have problems with these sites being incorrectly filtered, please let us know.

Thank you for your inquiry,

The Websense Database Services Staff
Friday, April 24, 2009 7:41:21 AM

Very funny…right? They have not categorized properly their own website and Google.