Track your lost Android mobile phone – XtraSEC free android security

I found today a fantastic software to track your lost phone, that too for free!. There is commercial version but still you can perform most of the tasks in free version, XtraSEC

WhiteBox Premium App Site Template

Step 1: Use Login button in XtraSEC website to register your Gmail account.

Step 2: Install XtraSEC app on your android phone

Step 3: Login to your app with the registered gmail account, provide your alternate mobile phone number and allow necessary permissions. (Alternate mobile phone number is necessary to send commands to your lost phone via SMS)

Step 4: You need to create a PIN so that no one can change settings of this app if your phone is stolen.

I was amazed to read all their features provided by XtraSEC

  • Get you phone location and displayed in Google Maps.
  • Remotely capture photo from your phone camera.You can choose either use front or back camera. Captured camera will be sent to registered your email address.
  • Remotely turn off/on WIFI, 3G
  • Remotely wipe phone and memory card data
  • Phone capture

SMS Commands List

mSpy – track mobile phone calls, text messages and many more

mSpy – you can remotely track all activity that takes place on the monitored phone, from calls to calendar updates. Call history, text messages, emails, call recordings… all immediately sent from the tracked phone right to your secure online account! mSpy claims that they are 100% undetectable. Read more

You can look at the compatible phone models – Android, iOS and Blackberry




How to find IP Address and MAC address in E71 or Symbion OS mobiles

S60 3rd Edition mobiles support WLAN (Wireless LAN) but there is no default way available to find the IP address assigned while connecting to Wireless network. Later I found, Device Status, a small application from Nokia that supports to retrieve IP Address and MAC details from supported mobiles.

Screenshot taken after connecting to my home network. Once installed, navigate to Network Info tab to see IP Address details.

Nokia Device Status is a self-diagnosis tool that allows you to collect detailed system information both from your PC and your S60 device. Your current device configuration and phone settings are presented in a detailed summary, which you can use to determine the exact cause of problems if you run into them.

With Nokia Device Status, you can save all collected information to a file, and you can then send the file to customer care services for closer inspection and analysis.

Compability Info:
Should work with all Nokia devices based on S60 3rd Edition and S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1. Nokia Device Status doesn’t support S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2.

Download Link:

How to take screenshot in E71 or Symbion OS Mobiles

I am right now setting up my mobile to post threads and articles on Mobile Phone Hacking. The very first thing I decided to do is to find a way to easily take screenshots of my mobile phone screen…. Otherwise I need to capture screenshots with another mobile or cam. provides a small Symbian application that supports most of mobile models to take screenshots. Go here and Choose ScreenSnap60/Third Edition to download in your mobile. Either you download in your computer and later transfer to your mobile through USB or bluetooth or directly download in your mobile.

I took this screenshot of ScreenSnap60 settings using the same tool. The default key to take screenshot is Edit + * and I changed it to Edit +OK as you need to press Shift in addition for Edit + * option. (Edit key is your shift key and OK is your center button of navigation)

Magic Bluetooth Hack -Make Phonecalls and Send SMS

Found this tool recently in, excellent tool to do bluetooth hack! Once again, you need to pair the mobile first before you use the functionalities. Download from here Magic Blue Hack (Password is v1olate@) and install it in your mobile.This  .jar file works perfectly in my E71 Mobile, Symbian OS, S60 3rd Edition.

Enable Bluetooth before you proceed further.
Once after .jar file is installed, you will get a Icon “MagicBlueHack” as highlighted below in your applications folder. This location path may vary depending up on your mobile model.

Once entered to the application, choose Search option to find bluetooth devices. I repeat again, you need to pair to the mobile before you do further. There is no predefined pair password required like Super Bluetooth Hack discussed earlier.

Once you are successfully paired, you can
* make phone calls to any number from that paired mobile.
* send SMS to any number from that paired mobile.

Charges are detected from that paired mobile. The receiver see only the paired phone number and not your phone number.