Retrieve Windows 8 Key encrypted in BIOS

Microsoft moves Windows 8 OEM Product Key to BIOS embedded. The product keys are no more sticked on the computer. You will only see a Windows 8 logo sticker and nothing else. So if you reinstall Windows 8, no need to hunt for the key, the installation will automatically pick up the key from BIOS, provided you install the same version of Windows 8 OEM that came along with the laptop.

So how to retrieve the key from the BIOS.

1. Download 32 or 64-bit version of RWEverything

2. Click ACPI and then MSDM to view Key encrypted in BIOS



Facebook Scam: See who is viewing your facebook profile


Again, another fake application from Profile Spy which claims to let facebook users know who has viewed their facebook profile. This is one of the most wanted feature but found missing in the Number  1 rated social networking website (2011 Social Networking Websites Review).

This fake Profile Spy was earlier spreaded under different website names as,, but now with a different domain name

As per, this website is registered under on 05-Nov-2010. Within few weeks of hosting, the website gained popularity and reached maximum hits of 270 users in a day (statistics form

Map shows different locations in the world fromwhere the visitors are accessing this scam website.

Share this facebook scam alert to your friends and help them to protect their facebook accounts.

Dangerous Website Access Tool

Do you want to Telnet or SSH to your website? In simple terms, Telnet and SSH allows you to remotely control your webserver so that you can easily change the file permissions of your web pages, create new files and do more.

By default, Telnet and SSH are not allowed in a web server. Use this cgi script to gain remote access.

This is a very dangerous tool so delete it from your web server after use.

Hack using Copy and Paste

All Copy and Paste information goes to clipboard in your computer.When you visit any websites written using a combination of Javascript and PHP or CGI or ASP, there are possibilities to copy all the clipboard information from your computer to their server.

The Clipboard hack is done by the following Source Code:

<Script Language=”JavaScript”>
var content = clipboardData.getData(“Text”);
Do you know how to get around this hack?

Do the following:
1. Go to Internet Options -> Security
2. Press Custom Level
3. In the security settings, select “Disable under Allow paste operations via script”