Useful free utilities in Ubuntu for your day to day purpose

1) Zim, alternate to MS OneNote in Windows

Download Zim, available in Ubuntu Software Center

You can take your notes, create pages, add attachments, images and provides additional functionality like task list manager. I store and access my Zim note from dropbox, so you can access it from anywhere as long as you have Zim installed in that computer. Good news is Windows version of Zim is available.


2) Parcellite, Clipboard Manager

Download Parcellite, available in Ubuntu Software Center

A tool to preserve your history, by default 20 copied items are preserved in history. You can increase it to maximum with preferences option.


3) BleachBit, alternate to CCleaner

Download BleachBit, available in Ubuntu Software Center

No much explanation is needed, we all love CCleaner and will miss it in Ubuntu. BleachBit provides similar solution in Ubuntu but not all features of CCleaner. Remember that your history items in Parcellite are still preserved and not deleted while cleaning with BleachBit.


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