Cisco VPN Setup in Ubuntu

This document will help you configuring Cisco VPN Client in your Ubuntu computer.

1) In the Ubuntu Software Center, search and install “network-manager-gnome“.

2) Then, enable the option “Network management framework (VPNC plugin GNOME GUI)” in the same “network-manager-gnome” window and install it.


2) Lets start configuring VPN in Network option available in the System Settings of Ubuntu (I assume you have all the required information from your VPN administrator!).

3) Click on “+” sign and choose interface as “VPN” to proceed.


4) Choose “Cisco Compatible VPN (vpnc)” when you see the below screen.


5) Specify your VPN settings and you have an option either to save or always ask for User / Group Password

Connection name name_it_as_you_like

Gateway is your_VPN_device_IP_address

User name is Login_User_Name

Group name is VPN_Group_Authentication_Name


6) In the advanced window, most likely you do not need to modify anything and leave it with default settings. Click Apply to complete the VPN configuration


7) Click on Network symbol on task bar (you will see a different icon if you are using a wired network connection, in my case my laptop is connected to a wireless network) and choose VPN Connections to establish connection to your corporate connection.



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