How to troubleshoot Ooredoo Fiber Optic Internet problem?

Below is from my personal experience while I was assisting my friends and neighbors to figure out the Ooredoo Fiber Optic Internet problem. Ok! Here is the scenario, you are connected to your wireless network but unable to browser Internet! then perform following verification…

1st verification:

Check PON light is “Stable Green” on your main fiber optic Home Gateway. If it is not stable, then there are possible chances for problem either your service is suspended or fiber optic cable problem.

Ooredoo Home Gateway Fiber Internet

Check that you have paid your outstanding/monthly ooredoo bill. Call 111 and verify. If your bill is paid but you still experience the problem, you have no other option other than raising complaint with 111.

Note: This happened for one of my friend – his internet connection was suspended and then he found himself that he has to pay the bill. He paid but still internet didn’t work for more than a day. We called 111 and found out that after paying the bill, you need to call 111 once again to manually activate the internet line. so just remember it!


2nd Verification:

Check LAN port is “Green blinking”. If not, probably the cable going from Home Gateway to Wireless Access Point may be lose, insert the cable probably till you see “Green blinking”. 

Ooredoo Home Gateway LAN

 I will soon write an article on how to change wireless password of your home fiber optic internet. Follow this link to change your Ooredoo fiber internet wireless password. If you have some feedback or want to ask question, don’t hesitate to contact me..cheers!


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