Cisco WAP4410N as Access Point and Repeater

The following configuration helps you to set 1 WAP4410N device as Access Point and another WAP4410N device as Repeater.

Step 1: Configuring WAP4410N as Access Point

I assume that you have DHCP in your network (If your laptop is automatically receiving IP address from the network when you just plug-in, then it means you have DHCP in your network)

  1. Connect WAP4410N to your network through a network cable.
  2. Locate IP address of WAP4410N from your router or DHCP server (say you identify the IP address as
  3. Launch and login with default username and password (admin and admin)
  4. Go to Wireless > Basic Settings and specify
    1. Wireless Network Mode: B/G/N-Mixed
    2. Wireless Channel: 6-2.4GHz
    3. SSID 1: <name of your wireless network>
    4. SSID Broadcast: Enabled
  5. Go to Security and set a password for your wireless
  6. Go to AP Mode and ensure Access Point option is checked and note down the MAC address shown on the screen (A4:93:4C:A4:c8:26 is wireless MAC address of Access Point)

WAP4410N_Access Point

We are not finished with this access point, we will come again to set it to allow repeater to repeat the signals.

Step 2: Configuring WAP4410N as repeater

Keep this WAP4410N closer to the above access point for intial configuration.

  1. Connect a network cable between your laptop and WAP4110N which is going to act as repeater
  2. Launch (default IP of WAP4410N) and login with default username and password (admin and admin)
  3. Go to AP Mode and check Wireless WDS Repeater and do Site Survey WAP4410N_repeater
  4. In the next screen, choose the Wireless SSID to boost the signal.
  5. You will now see the Access Point MAC address is automatically picked up in MAC text box. This is important!
  6. Save settings and note the MAC address of this repeater shown on the screen top (A4:93:4C:B1:B8:83 is the MAC address of Repeater).
  7. Disconnect the network cable. Ensure you do not connect the network cable to the network either, otherwise it will cause loop.

Step 3: Configuring WAP4410N Access Point to allow repeater to boost signals

  1.  Launch
  2. Go to AP mode and check “Allow wireless signal to be repeated by a repeater” and specify the MAC address of repeater noted in step 2.
  3. Save Settings.WAP4410N_Access Point_allow_repeater

Now you can move this repater to a distance such that it receives at least 30% signal to boost.

19 thoughts on “Cisco WAP4410N as Access Point and Repeater

  1. is it possible to use WAP4410N as Repeater for other device? I have cisco ADSL router X3500, I tried everything but after the above configuration when I try to connect I keep seeing “Optaining IP address…” but I can not connect to WAP4410N via wireless. also I can not connect to it through PC unless I configured IP manually,

  2. Dear Admin,

    I have the excat same set-up that u have shown in the above example. I followed all te setups but there are a few complications I am able to successfully configure my access point but even after configuring my second CISCOWAP as a reapeter it still see “CISCOSB” in the wireless list also if i keep distant from my acesspoint where there is atleast 30% signal it doesnot boost my signal and i have no internet connection as soon as my reapeter is plugged into the network (wireless).

    I have configured my reapeter exactly how u have said. I havent asigned any of the below details in the repeater :-

    IP of the repeater is default
    No SSID
    NO Security

    Also i have a DHCP server but the 1st device which i have configured as te access point doesnot take ip automatically assign manually my network range is 192.168.50.

    Hence My accesspoint IP is

    ANy help or guidance from you is appreciated.

    1. Lets first solve the DHCP issue you have and can you share more details of your DHCP setup (which is your DHCP Server, what is configured on AP, IP address of your DHCP Server, any network switch is used)….please use dropbox/skydrive/Googledrive to share the screenshots.

  3. hi!

    I followed the instructions (I have two WAP4110N) and for some reason the repeater does not provide internet access.

    However, my main question is, in the repeater area, what would I put in the SSID section?

    Should it be the same SSID name and password of the AP?

    I really only am trying to have 1 SSID name throught out my house.

  4. Hi,

    We have configured successfully using above configuration but we are facing strange issue.

    After sometime like in every 2 days , all clients internet is not working and we have investigated the issue and found that repeater IP is not pinging although it is started. Then we have powered off the repeater and then internet start working again.

    After 2-3 hour we have powered on the repeater and then I am able to ping repeater and also everything is working fine.

    How to get rid of this issue ? Please help


  6. I want to make a table of ALL THE MAC IDs WHICH ARE CONNECTED TO this router.
    How to do that???

    Thanks in Advanced

  7. Hi,

    i tested option “Wireless WDS Repeater” but this makes that two networks are visible with the same SSID.
    Other option is “Wireless Client/Repeater” but i have a problem with configuring this. :/
    Can u help me?


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