How I Fight Against WordPress SPAM

Even though this topic may not be new to many WordPress admins, I am putting here to help whoever wants to identify type of SPAM in their WordPress blog and how to control it.

Had reported early in my post (Disabling WordPress Commenting still allows SPAMMERS to Comment) about lots of spam issue in our blog and I even disabled ‘Comments’ option but it has not really helped me to control even 1% of SPAM.

I was so curious to see what was really SPAMMING.

  1. Identified the Public IP of a SPAM post (you can easily find this on all SPAM posts)
  2. From kStats, I did a search for that Public IP and you can see below image that specific SPAM is actually TRACKBACK (trackback is to identify if someone is linking to our article)
  3. I continued doing this search for random SPAM posts and finally found that all those SPAM posts are actually TRACKBACK 

Then I found an article – Disable Trackbacks and followed their instruction to disable trackback. So as of now I am free from SPAM and put back ‘Comment’ for this blog. You can freely Comment now.

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