Which mobile iPhone, blackberry or Samsung is best for business use

Every one has their own choice for their mobile. But i write here to discuss on their differences for business use and let users decide.

Why Blackberry?

1.Battery Life
IPhone has a much shorter battery life (not even 12 hours with 3G) than Blackberry.

2.Change of Email Password is not an issue in Blackberry Whenever email password is changed, it has to be manually updated in iPhone and Samsung to continue receiving emails.
If the user is away from office and his email password is expired, then he has to set a new password using OWA (Outlook Web Access) and manually update it in iPhone and Samsung to continue receiving emails.

3.Meeting Request
Even if you have already accepted or declined a meeting request through your desktop outlook, iPhone still shows you option to accept or decline a meeting as if you have not responded to the meeting. IPhone doesn’t allow adding comments to accept or deny meeting requests.

4.Blinking red light is the best notification system for email It’s not easy to say when you have new email in iPhone.

5.Typing keyboard is so easy to write emails compared to virtual keyboards. Auto correction is really annoying in iPhone

6.Sent Folder
The Sent Folder in iPhone is not synched in real time, so you have to wait for the server to find if important business email is sent or not.

7.Security Corporate Blackberry policy can be established If Blackberry is stolen or lost, data theft can be avoided by remote wipe feature.

8.Fixed cost
iPhone and Samsung uses GPRS to download emails, so the internet cost would be dependent on email size download, whereas blackberry service cost is fixed irrespective of size of email downloads

9.Blackberry Messenger

Why iPhone and Samsung?

1.No need for Blackberry Enterprise Server Emails are downloaded through GPRS. If Wi-Fi is available, emails can be downloaded at no cost. 2.Attachment files are more readable than in Blackberry
3.Pinch-to-zoom and high resolution screen.

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