spreads potentially unwanted programs, one of the leading IT related knowledge base with thousands of Windows, Exchange and Virtualization related tips and tricks website, has been rated as  ‘potentially unwanted programs download website’ by McAfee SiteAdvisor.


McAfee SiteAdvisor is a free plug-in for browsers that provides website ratings for safe browsing and has been trusted by millions of Internet users. It is well explained in my article here.  Whenever you visit any website or do some search on search engine in an SiteAdvisor installed computer,, you will be alerted about unsafe websites like red balloon below. (While safe websites are shown as Green balloon with tick mark on it)

A detailed SiteAdvisor website report says that there are 2 unsafe downloads found on this website – msgpluslive-401.exe, which is identified as spreading Swizzor!hv.g trojan,Swizzor!hv.h trojan, MessengerPlus, Swizzor.gen.c trojan. 

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