Enable right click option in disabled websites

One of the security guidelines that developers follow today is to disable rightclick in websites requiring high level of security. Many websites are using this trick to disable right click on websites. This addon adds an icon to your statusbar which restores javascript-disabled features if clicked.

How to use?

  • Download and Install Firefox
  • Download and Install RightToClick Add-on
  • Once installed the add-on in your website, you could find an arrow icon in your status bar of Firefox browser.
  • If you want to enable right click option in disabled websites, click the arrow icon. The right click will be soon enabled

Test Results:-
I tested this add-on with two of my regular website, one is coded by my friend and another is a well known bank website. Both websites have disabled right click option but using this add-on, I was able to bypass it and  got access to source code. Cool Stuff!

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