All might have seen that an option is available in IE to disable Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts . Go to Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts. But when it comes to scenario of deployment across a domain, such option is not available in Group Policy to easily configure and enforce. All you need to do is creating a Custom Administrative Template.

Here is something that I put after being successfully tested in our environment.

1. Copy, paste below adm in notepad and save it as “Reusewindowsshort_cut.adm”

CATEGORY !!IEReuseWindows
KEYNAME “Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main”
POLICY !!IEReuseWindowsPolicy
EXPLAIN !!IEReuseWindowsPolicy_Explain
VALUENAME “AllowWindowReuse”



IEReuseWindows=”IE Custom Settings”
IEReuseWindowsPolicy=”Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts”
IEReuseWindowsPolicy_Explain=”Enable this setting to allow the reuse of windows for launching shortcuts”

2. Open Group Policy Editor and then right click on Administrative Templates under Computer Configuration. Choose Add/Remove Templates and browse to the location where you have saved your adm.

3. Click on Administrative Template and navigate to View > Filtering Option. Uncheck “Only show policies that can be fully managed” then only you will be able to see your custom policy.

4. Navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > IE Custom Settings. Now you can see a policy “Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts” to define your settings

5. Set Enable for reusing windows and set disable to use new windows for launching shortcuts.

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