What you must know before installing Service Pack 1 Beta of Windows 7

If you have planned to install SP1 Beta of Windows 7 in your computer, you must go through below information before you proceed the installation.First most notable point is SP1 Beta does not provide new end-user features. SP1 Beta contains previously released fixes that cover specific reliability, performance, and compatibility issues. Additionally, this beta version is not available for home users and like any other beta versions, Microsoft does not provide telephone or email support if in case you face any issue after installing this beta version. But you can report such cases to Microsoft through connect.microsoft.com.

Another most important alert to you is that once after you install SP1 beta, an evaluation copy will be displayed temporarily in your desktop on right bottom corner as shown in the below image.

This text does not mean that your system is no longer “Genuine.” This text indicates only that you installed a test version of software that is time limited. The “Evaluation Copy” text will be displayed on first startup after you uninstall the service pack. However, this text will not appear after the next startup.

You can view Windows 7 SP 1 Beta Q & A for more detailed version and how to uninstall SP1 Beta Version.

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