How to take screenshot in E71 or Symbion OS Mobiles

I am right now setting up my mobile to post threads and articles on Mobile Phone Hacking. The very first thing I decided to do is to find a way to easily take screenshots of my mobile phone screen…. Otherwise I need to capture screenshots with another mobile or cam. provides a small Symbian application that supports most of mobile models to take screenshots. Go here and Choose ScreenSnap60/Third Edition to download in your mobile. Either you download in your computer and later transfer to your mobile through USB or bluetooth or directly download in your mobile.

I took this screenshot of ScreenSnap60 settings using the same tool. The default key to take screenshot is Edit + * and I changed it to Edit +OK as you need to press Shift in addition for Edit + * option. (Edit key is your shift key and OK is your center button of navigation)

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