How to maximize windows remote desktop connection?

The response from Microsoft for the below issue made me laugh at Microsoft

Issue is When you start the Remote Desktop Connection client, you may find that the window size is the same as the remote desktop size, not full screen as expected; however, the Maximize button indicates the window is in the maximized state. If you click the Maximize button, the window does not enter full-screen mode as expected; instead, the window is restored to a size slightly smaller than the remote desktop size.

Solution provided by Microsoft
: “To work around this issue, restart the computer. The Default.rdp file is replaced by Windows File Protection as soon as you restart the Remote Desktop client.”
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This is so funny as Microsoft asks us to restart the server for small window size of remote desktop connection.

The solution that works is
1.    Go to run > mstsc
2.    Under Display Tab, move the “Display configuration” settings to Full Screen mode.
3.    Now try connecting to the server. Your issue is resolved. No need to restart the computer.

One thought on “How to maximize windows remote desktop connection?

  1. Many thanks – I found my remote desktop settings disrupted in same manner by attaching a projector yesterday.
    Now with your suggestions I have re-gained the “Light” (of full screen)
    PS: one things only rather strange about comments that I’m not able to see – my fault or something else?

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