Get dummy email address

Do you spent too much of time in Internet? then obviously you would be registering your email in multiple websites. Even though you don’t like to give away your personal email address in such websites, you are left with only few options, either you have to create an alternate email address and manage it or go for GishPuppy.

Say, asks you to register with your email address to download your favorite game. As you are GishPussy user,

1. In the registration page, right click on the email address text box and choose “Gish it!”

2. GishPuppy would provide a dummy email address for you. All emails to this dummy email address will be forwarded to your personal mailboxes. What is special here is ‘You can choose a life time of this dummy email address’, either 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1year or never. So after the life time is expired, no emails will be forwarded from to your personal address.

GishPuppy add-on supports almost all browsers – IE, Firefox and other browsers too. Once you register your email address with GishPuppy, it would create dummy disposable email addresses for you. How?

Use and enjoy GishPuppy !

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