3 Free Tools for Safe browsing

Malicious websites are increasing to scam visitors, deliver malware or send SPAM. Sometimes they put a small piece of key loggers that sends all your key strokes to a remote hacker. Whatever you type in your keyboard, every keystroke, even backslash would be sent to that remote hacker. Think about the case of using online banking or booking system. The moment you provide your credit card information, finished! The remote hacker will take of the rest of your cc amount.

It seems that this technique is actually a separate scam aimed at stealing personal information and such attacks are on the rise. Security vendor Symantec warns about commercialization of malware — cybercriminals prefer cash to fun, so various kinds of information-stealing software are used more actively. So as a single person, how do you ensure that you are surfing SAFE website ?

There are FREE tools available from recommended vendors which will keep you safe from online threats. Three of the best famous tools are

1. McAfee Site Advisor

2. WOT https://i1.wp.com/www.davemason.com/mywot_logo.jpg?resize=106%2C36

3. Norton Safe Web 

It is a small-sized friendly tool and won’t affect your internet speed in any way. All security experts strongly recommend these products for safe browsing.

These vendors scan millions of websites, use evidence collected form multiple trusted sources to categorize a website. Once installed in a computer, it will warn you if you are about to enter a risky website and save your computer from infection.

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