Magic Bluetooth Hack -Make Phonecalls and Send SMS

Found this tool recently in, excellent tool to do bluetooth hack! Once again, you need to pair the mobile first before you use the functionalities. Download from here Magic Blue Hack (Password is v1olate@) and install it in your mobile.This  .jar file works perfectly in my E71 Mobile, Symbian OS, S60 3rd Edition.

Enable Bluetooth before you proceed further.
Once after .jar file is installed, you will get a Icon “MagicBlueHack” as highlighted below in your applications folder. This location path may vary depending up on your mobile model.

Once entered to the application, choose Search option to find bluetooth devices. I repeat again, you need to pair to the mobile before you do further. There is no predefined pair password required like Super Bluetooth Hack discussed earlier.

Once you are successfully paired, you can
* make phone calls to any number from that paired mobile.
* send SMS to any number from that paired mobile.

Charges are detected from that paired mobile. The receiver see only the paired phone number and not your phone number.

27 thoughts on “Magic Bluetooth Hack -Make Phonecalls and Send SMS

  1. What’s the point if you still have to pair the phone with the other phone you are trying to get into.

    Excuse me will you pair with me so I can see all your SMS and make long distance calls?

    The key is to pair your target’s phone autonomously. Maybe a little social engineering perhaps? A true hack will get around the pairing security feature.

    Get back to me

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