How to Hack Mobile Phones with Bluetooth

With the program you can do things on the other phone such as:

  • read SMS messages
  • read contacts
  • change profile
  • play ringtone (even if phone is on silent)
  • play songs
  • restart the phone
  • turn off the phone
  • restore factory settings
  • change ringing volume
  • call from the other phone (it includes all call functions like hold etc.)

Whatever the screenshots that I provide here are respective to E71 Nokia Mobile Phone. The folder path and installation method will obviously vary from phone to phone. Please use this tutor as basic guide.

How to Install?

1. Download Super Bluetooth Hack from Super Bluetooth Hack [Password is w@rr10r. jar file Size is 111KB]. If you are downloading it to your computer, either use USB or bluetooth to transfer the file to your mobile phone. If you want to download directly to your mobile phone, then browse to this website and choose above link to download to your mobile.
2. Once .jar file is copied to your mobile phone, click it to install in Applications folder.
3. After the file is successfully installed, you will find it in default applications folder. In E71 case, you easily find in Installations folder as ftp_bt

How to change the language to English?
If the software starts with the language “Slovencina”, you can change it to English on this way:
1.If you start the application for the first time you see “Nastavenia” in the title.
2. Go a bit down until you see “Jazyk” and Click choose
3. Select “English” and Click “Spat“.
4. Now the program is in English.

Star Notes: When connecting devices use the code 0000

I tried testing this tool with my friend’s LG mobile. excellent fun hack tool! First I paired my mobile with another LG mobile. once it is successful, it showed me the list of functions that are supported in this pairing. If any option is not supported, it will not be listed in the menu.
Successfully paired—>
Option to Control Phonebook—>
Option to Read SMS, Change Silent Mode and Phone Functionality settings –>
Option to change Ring Volume, Alarms and Clock settings

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